Chaljeri Meats

To date, Chaljeri Meats and its customers have donated over 6,014 pounds of meat through the City Harvest program. Our goal for 2014 is 10,000 pounds. Please email us at to learn how to participate! 

As part of Chaljeri’s commitment to the community we have set up a program with City Harvest. We are committed to sell 10,000 pounds of ground beef at $3 per pound (60+% off the web price and our cost) to anyone who wants us to contribute it on their behalf. If you are not familiar with City Harvest and would like to know more please go to their website at

We will deliver the meat directly for you and in turn City Harvest will send you a letter acknowledging the contribution and thus making it tax deductible.

If you are interested in participating in this program with us please purchase the amount you would like to contribute below and then follow the normal check out procedures. We will let you know the date the meat was delivered on your behalf and when you should expect a letter from City Harvest.

We hope you will participate in this program with us and help bring healthy, high quality protein to those who need it!