Chaljeri Meats


Ali & Rich Co-Owners, Founders

Ali and Rich are the new farmers of the bunch. After buying a home in Callicoon NY in 2005 they started with a small vegetable garden which led to bee keeping which led to a large greenhouse and small orchard and finally has landed them in the Grass Fed Beef business. Their desire to know where and how their food is produced has been an underlying and driving theme.

Ali and Rich welcomed Benjamin into the world on June 23rd, 2015.  Ali is now pregnant with their second child, another boy (!) due in November.

Ali is from Indiana and Rich is from Chicago/San Diego.  They do have day jobs in the city, Ali works for Nibble+Squeak, a dining club for "parents with pipsqueaks" and also sits on the board of Crossfit Solace. Rich is the CEO of a financial services firm. 

One of the divisions at Rich's firm develops and finances solar facilities. They have installed a solar array in Callicoon that makes the entire Chaljeri Meats enterprise grid neutral. 

They are both excited to be building the Grass Fed beef operation and working to deliver local, healthy meat to the community!


Chris Hermann

Chris is a third generation farmer, working land that has been in his family for over a century. Originally a dairy farm, twenty six years ago Chris’s business shifted to raising replacement dairy heifers for other farmers. In the past five years, the farm has again transformed, and now produces grass-fed beef cattle. All crops are grown on site pesticide free, and cattle are raised without the use of hormones. “My wife still believes that I’m crazy,” says Chris, “something I’ve been trying to tell her for the past fifteen years.” They have two kids, Sydney and Garret.