Chaljeri Meats

 Driving toward the big city, we tuned in a radio station that continually proclaimed the “Country Has Come to Town.”  Apparently a new country music station now proudly serves New York City.  Maybe it was this phrase heard incessantly sandwiched between modern country songs, or just the thought that country really was coming to town in a 12 year old suburban with car seats in the back, but the phrase stuck in my mind.  The Norman Family spent a day and a half in a world so very different from the one we are most comfortable in.

A few weeks back, Rich asked if we would be able to attend a meet and greet for CSA members and farmers/ranchers to get together in NYC.  In all honesty, at first I didn't give the opportunity a lot of thought, but as May 12th drew nearer, I began to realize the family was going to have a “Big Apple Adventure”, another comical reference to a vacation bible school theme my children participated in while living in NW Florida.  A funny, but impertinent story accompanies this, which I will reserve for only those that are interested.

A night in Manhattan, and a few hours of talking with the kind of people who care enough about the beef we produce and how we produce it to come out on a rainy Saturday afternoon and chew the fat, provided a fantastic opportunity to expand some horizons.  Despite the fact that I believe it was somehow obvious that we were not natives, we were warmly received by the indigenous people, and I in particular had a great time of talking and joking with what moments before were some of the most stone-faced people I had ever met.  People who assisted us were wonderful in their patience and service. 

We enjoyed the finest of Little Italy, a walk through central park, and the American Museum of Natural History was another highlight.  We also very much enjoyed the chance to meet so many prospective consumers and talk about what is important to them, why and how we raise our beef, and what a consumer might expect from our product.  We helped some people with some recipe suggestions for grass-fed steaks, and if there is interest, I will ask the fabulous Miss Carolyn, aka my wife, to share some suggestions in the future.

Our trip was grand and hectic, and we enjoyed it thoroughly, but we were pleased and blessed to wake in our own place on Sunday morning.  Thank you to all who we interacted with, we hope that we were able to answer some questions and pique some interest in our beef.  Thank you also to Our Creator, and all of the mothers out there.  I hope y'all have a blessed Mother's Day.  Now back to normal ranch life.

May 16, 2013